Mike DeVillar

Mike DeVillar is a writer/editor that's stumbled his way into the games industry, as well as a lot of places he shouldn't be getting into in general.
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  • Revisit Your Teenage Years in Gitaroo Man

    The PS2 has a ton of tucked away, hidden gems. Among them is Gitaroo Man, a rhythm game that stands as one of the best the genre has to offer with a relatable take on being a teenager.

    The Art of the Game Opening

    A strong opening cinematic can do more than act as a sizzle reel for a video game, but also set the tone and become memorable in their own right as part of the experience.

    We’re Back!

    Welcome to Retroware! We’ve got a little bit of the old, a little bit of the new, and a fresh direction we’re taking the site.

    Delayed Exposure: Umurangi Generation

    Umurangi Generation is a game about photography and deliveries set in a future where things are going from bad to worse. So why not throw a song and have a good time?

    Uncovering Meaning and Self In Xenogears

    Xenogears is a game that has a lot to say, but doesn’t always have the elegance to get it across. Taking a look at all its philosophy, let’s break down some of its messages and figure out why the game sticks with people long after playing.

    Dubbing Down in Yakuza

    The now legendary Yakuza franchise had some rough beginnings in the west. With an interesting localization propping it up, it became a cautionary tale on how an otherwise great game can be brought down by mishandled localization.