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  • LIVE A LIVE: A Region-Locked and Loaded JRPG Part I

    Squaresoft is a company that had many a classic under their belt, but even the JRPG giant has a few weird steps in its history, including Live A Live, a game that never really saw an life at all outside of Japan.

    The Firemen: A Christmas Video Game

    Yuletide logs should be kept in the fireplace. In the Firemen however, the fire is a six-story building, and you have to rescue Christmas. Unfortunately it isn’t always nearly that exciting.

    Batman Returns: Konami at Its Crest

    The terms Konami and licensed game shouldn’t go together so well, but in Batman Returns, something happens to make the caped crusader truly shine.

    Blood Will Tell: A SEGA Retro Rarity

    Blood Will Tell is a rare gem that sells for big bucks online. But does this cult classic video game adaptation of Dororo stand up to the test of time?