Procedurally Generated History

Venturing through a portal of time and space completely made of numbers grammars and everything your grandma’s best friend did 45 years ago.

Dubbing Down in Yakuza

The now legendary Yakuza franchise had some rough beginnings in the west. With an interesting localization propping it up, it became a cautionary tale on how an otherwise great game can be brought down by mishandled localization.

A Non-violent RPG Jam

The cornerstone of most RPGs is combat, especially TTRPGs. Here we look at independent creators that define their games with differing designs and what those games look like.

Pop Art and the 1990s Rhythm Game

Rhythm game hits of the late 90’s played with eclectic, bright colors and good vibes aesthetics, following a path that Japanese pop artists were trailblazing in the art world.

Creating Something Crazy in Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry has an iconic main character in the shape of the demon hunter, Dante, but his road to character fans know and love was not a very smooth one. What happened along the way?