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Atop the Fourth Wall: The Movie DVD

Atop the Fourth Wall: The Movie DVD

Chock-full of Linkara goodness!!

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- Region Free disc
- Bonus Features Runtime - 2:21:56
- Movie Runtime - 2:01:04


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This DVD release of the Atop the Fourth Wall: The Movie features the movie, behind the scenes, a featurette on the Caelstis's Mission to Europa, a review of Blood Gunn #1, three commentary tracks, and more! Movie Runtime - 2:01:04 Bonus Content Runtime - 2:21:56 FILM SYNOPSIS Linkara, comic reviewer and sometimes planet-saver, is restless and uneasy. It's his birthday and he's beginning to wonder what he's doing with his life when half the time he's critiquing crossover comics and the other half getting beaten up by robots. Things aren't made any easier when Allen, Linkara's government liaison, informs him that they've lost contact with the Caelestis, an independent space flight out to Jupiter. They'd like him to go and investigate (since naturally because Linkara reviews comic books, he owns a space ship). However, what he finds out there may spell the end for Linkara, 90s Kid, Harvey Finevoice, Allen, and the others who accompany them on this trip. Region free!